Singapore government-backed accelerator Tribe announces $ 15.7 million funding to support blockchain startups

Singapore government-backed blockchain platform Tribe has helped participating companies raise another $ 15.7 million through its ecosystem.

In a press release shared with Cointelegraph on December 2, the Tribe accelerator has so far raised a total of $ 28 million in funding to support startups from around the world trying to use blockchain technology to solve real-world problems.


Image source: Pixabay

The first batch of startups reportedly raised more than $ 12.2 million in three months. Yiming Wu, Managing Partner of Tribe Accelerator, commented:

"The success of yet another round of fundraising highlights the importance of blockchain technology in solving real-world problems. Every idea or solution shared during the roadshow day has the potential to revolutionize the way current connected industries work. We will continue Embrace companies with innovative innovations that can change the face of the blockchain industry and benefit end users, making the technology more mainstream. "

Get support from large enterprises

Tribe was founded in December 2018 to help blockchain startups connect with large companies to help them grow. Tribe Accelerator is an idea of ​​Tri5 Ventures, a venture capital firm designed to support late-stage startups.

Since its launch, Tribe Accelerator has been supported by government and corporate partners, including the four accounting giants PwC, the Korean blockchain network Icon Foundation, BMW Group Asia and Intel, among others.

Recently, IBM, Citibank and video game giant Ubisoft have joined Tribe as a second batch of four-month members as corporate partners.

Tezos partners with Tribe to launch training program

On November 21, Tezos's non-profit organization Tezos Southeast Asia (TSA) announced a partnership with Tribe to jointly launch a training program for Tezos blockchain developers. Tezos also hopes to attract more developers to create Tezos blockchain-based solutions for real-world applications. TSA President Caleb Kow stated at the time:

"By giving trainers a thorough understanding of Tezos blockchain technology, they will be able to expand their influence on their teams by continuously transferring and sharing knowledge to new learners."