Academician Zheng Zhiming: Blockchain research needs "a long way to go"

According to Xinhua News, Zheng Zhiming, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News that the blockchain is a relatively mature and trusted evaluation system built for the first time in human history, and its core is to enhance governance capabilities in all dimensions. When it comes to the "hot" issue of the blockchain, Zheng Zhiming believes that this phenomenon is mixed. "The joy is that everyone is very enthusiastic, and the worry is that it is easy to deviate from the theme." Zheng Zhiming said that when the "bind appeared" with Bitcoin, everyone felt that the blockchain was playing currency, and then when banks could use this technology People also regard blockchain as fintech. "I think that various industries should start to calm down now, do a good job in the basic theoretical research of the blockchain, and focus on conquering some key technologies, in order to avoid this kind of blind speculation at this stage, so that blockchain technology can be used in Our country has developed more benign and healthy. "Zheng Zhiming said. When asked if hot money inflows meant more stringent regulation, Zheng Zhiming said that blockchain is making regulation easier. "After the blockchain technology, as long as you put a regulatory node in this system and put national or local laws and regulations into smart contracts, then it can achieve a 'penetration' of a blockchain technology and application platform "Supervision can avoid the situation where there are policies on the top and countermeasures on the bottom," and "one person gets sick and all take medicine."