China Communications Industry Association Gao Bin: "Industrial Blockchainization" is the only way, and digital assets will generate super enterprises

Gao Bin, deputy chairman of the Blockchain Professional Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, said in an interview that "industrial blockchainization" is the only way to go, and that blockchain must not only empower the real economy, but also the digital economy. For the entire industrial ecology, the best situation is that the ecology is formed horizontally and vertically between the enterprises, which has the lowest cost and highest efficiency for the enterprise. Gao Bin believes that the digitization of physical enterprise assets will realize the unification of its core value expression, customer value, and social value. This business model will give birth to a super enterprise comparable to BATJ. In this enterprise, we may also have shareholder interests of. It believes that super enterprises will emerge in the field of digital assets in the future.