Director of Chongqing Yubei Economic and Information Commission: Blockchain application scenarios are gradually enriching, and the industry development trend is good

At the "Meet the Yushui · Jialing River" network theme event in the Yuzhong District Blockchain Industry Development Media Symposium, Yang Feng, director of the Chongqing Yubei District Economic and Information Commission, said that Chongqing, as one of the earlier regions that developed blockchains, is in the district. Blockchain applications, talents, and industry focus have a first-mover advantage. He said that blockchain as an emerging information technology, its distributed, immutable, and traceable technical characteristics can just be a good way to create trust, and it has profoundly affected all walks of life since its birth. development of. The blockchain has gradually expanded from the initial digital currency to many fields such as smart contracts, digital identity authentication, credit reporting, e-commerce, copyright transactions, digital certificate deposits, and taxation. The application scenarios have gradually been enriched, and the industry development trend is good.