Media: The domestic asset tokenization process is slow, and China ’s regulatory authorities ’regulatory layout of asset tokenization is relatively“ lagging ”

Large Wall Street investment banks such as JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are exploring the use of blockchain technology for various asset securitization issuance financing. It is worth noting that in view of the "strict supervision" of digital currency issuance, European and American financial regulators have instead supported the asset tokenization. In contrast, the domestic asset tokenization process is much slower. Several heads of domestic private equity funds involved in asset tokenization research investment revealed to reporters that there is almost no space or soil for issuing asset tokenization products in China. Some bold domestic institutions can only use asset tokenization products to The VIE structure was listed on the overseas trading market. The rapid development of the asset tokenization process in European and American countries is mainly due to the increasingly perfect corresponding regulatory rules. In contrast, China's regulatory authorities' regulatory layout of asset tokenization is relatively “lagging”.