Wang Lin, State Intellectual Property Office: China has over 1,200 blockchain patents, the largest number in the world

According to Wang Lin, director of the Electronic Engineering Department of the Patent Department of Tianjin Intellectual Property Office of the State Intellectual Property Office, patents in the field of blockchain are mainly divided into two major directions: support technology and technology application. As of 2018, China has more than 1,200 blockchain patents, ranking first in the world in number. At present, in the global blockchain technology patent application volume, China, the world's top ten applicants, occupies half, and the first is Alibaba. People's Bank of China, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and other enterprises and institutions and research institutes are also on the list Single above. "Alibaba is highly rational and forward-looking in the development and investment of blockchain technology, and is one of the most active Chinese companies in the industry at the moment." Wang Lin also believes that many of the underlying underlying technologies of blockchain Patents are still in the hands of American applicants, and China's main body of innovation should strengthen the layout of basic patents and strive to transform from a follower to a leader. "Domestic enterprises are more focused on technology applications, and key technology basic patents and core patents are relatively weak." For the development of China's blockchain, Wang Lin suggested that industrial development planning should be strengthened, new ventures should be supported, and data management, encryption, decryption, and consensus should be strengthened. Basic research on blockchain technologies such as algorithms to strengthen the overseas layout of basic patents.