Liu Shaojun: It is not appropriate to force the use of legal digital currency, illegal digital currency will not shake the dominant position of legal digital currency

Liu Shaojun, director of the Research Center for Financial Law of China University of Political Science and Law, said that whether it is deposit electronic money or legal digital currency, it should not be forced to use, because it will affect the public's right to use cash and coins. Even if a large number of legal digital currencies are issued and circulated in the future, people should not be deprived of their right to use cash and coins. This is not only a matter of living habits, but also an issue of the limitations of electronic network technology itself. With the continuous development and maturity of electronic network technology and blockchain technology, and the change in the payment and settlement habits of the vast majority of the public, the amount of payment through the network will become larger and larger, and in most cases it may no longer be used. Banknotes and coins. Liu Shaojun believes that although these illegal digital currencies have their own advantages, in terms of their high risk and instability, even if they continue to develop, they will never shake the dominant position of legal digital currencies. In addition, Liu Shaojun said that whether it is a legal digital currency or a commercial digital currency, its positive significance is worthy of recognition, but we must also clearly recognize that digital currencies are still in the research and exploration stage, and various basic preparations, payment system technologies, and international supervision Coordination mechanisms, etc., still require time for preparation and experimentation. Even if fiat digital currency is issued, the initial stage must be experimental, and the degree of public acceptance will be closely monitored after the issue.