The stolen ETH on the Upbit exchange is being more finely divided, and the addresses passed by the first two layers have been basically cleared

The monitoring system on Beijing Lian'an Chain found that the stolen ETH on the Upbit exchange is being finely divided, and some ETH is continuing to be transferred to the exchange in units of 20, while other ETH is undergoing 5 to 10 in the middle of the process. Further segmentation of units. According to SXWK, a data analyst on Beijing Lian'an Chain, from the current situation, the addresses transferred by the first two layers of Upbit's stolen ETH have been basically cleared, and the third layer addresses are being processed one by one. The maximum level has reached ten levels. It is expected that this will be a long process. At the same time, from the point of view of its ultimate goal of money laundering, there is a "diversity" trend, including entering some suspected mixed currency or transit addresses with diverse and scattered ETH sources, so it is not ruled out that the attacker is actually using the dark web and other means to finally receive Trader and redirect to their designated address.