Report: Global Blockchain Private Equity Financing Overwintering in November, Down 66.4% MoM

According to the interchain pulse report, in November 2019, the global blockchain private equity financing market sharply cooled, and the financing amount fell to the lowest point this year. According to the statistics of the inter-chain pulse, in November, a total of 43 financings were obtained in the global blockchain field, a decrease of 14% from the previous month, and the total amount of financing was approximately 759 million yuan, a decrease of 66.4% from the previous month. Especially in the Chinese market, after the supervision and rectification work in many places, the blockchain investment and financing market overnight. Of the 43 financing projects, 12 were in China, with a financing amount of only 78 million yuan, a decrease of nearly 90% from October. The US blockchain private equity market is also cooling. In November 2019, 13 blockchain projects in the United States were financed, with a financing amount of approximately 562 million yuan, a 52.1% decline from the previous quarter.