All data on the "chain" Xiacheng District, Hangzhou explores blockchain technology to help social governance

According to Zhejiang Online, recently, Hangzhou launched a blockchain service network to help pilot social governance and urban brain city platforms, exploring more efficient, transparent, and credible government services. "The data cannot be changed after being 'chained', which can not only help to build a credit ecological environment, but also ensure data privacy." A person in charge of the Xiacheng District Data Resource Administration Bureau introduced that during the pilot process of the city's brain and city platform, Multiple application data such as urban management road information and contribution management, hotel disinfection supervision, and “run once at most” within the agency are “chained”. It is understood that Xiacheng District has established a blockchain service network incubation base. Next, more exploration will be made on the application of blockchain technology in the government service field to make government services more efficient, transparent and credible.