Hubei Provincial Office of Non-government Affairs: To prevent illegal fundraising under the name of blockchain, virtual currency, etc., will increase the monitoring and early warning of currency speculation, chain speculation, etc.

According to the Hubei Daily, on December 3, the Hubei Provincial Leading Group's Office on Combating and Disposing of Illegal Fundraising Issued a Risk Alert, saying that it is necessary to prevent illegal fundraising through the use of blockchain, virtual currency, and other names, to do a good job of risk screening and provide blockchain technology And the healthy and orderly development of the industry to create a good market environment. Based on the concept of "play early and fight small", Hubei Province will make full use of various methods such as network monitoring, big data screening, offline exhaustion, and other measures to increase the monitoring and early warning of illegal fund raising risks such as "currency speculation" and "chain speculation." , Strengthen the risk investigation, once found to be involved in illegal fund raising in a timely and decisive manner. In addition, it is hoped that the masses will actively report non-office reports to localities when they find relevant clues, and those who meet the requirements will be rewarded in accordance with relevant policies.