Ren Ye: Blockchain investment quotas and volumes have dropped significantly in 2019

Babbitt reported on the spot that on December 4, Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institutions Summit was held in Guangzhou. Founding member of Nova Club and a partner of Consensus Lab, Ren Ye shared that data show that the establishment time of blockchain investment institutions is mainly concentrated in 2017, followed by 2018, and third in 2016. Since the establishment of these institutions, 1-10 investment in blockchain projects accounted for 27%, 10-20 accounted for 14%, and the frequency of shots was not high. Since entering 2019, investment projects have accounted for 56% of 1-5 institutions, and investment quotas and numbers have fallen sharply. These investment institutions have paid more attention to the asset management field. In addition, in terms of the distribution of institutions in the investment field, the underlying technology accounts for US $ 265 million, mainly including protocols and public chains; industry applications are US $ 184 million; cryptocurrencies are US $ 138 million.