White Paper "Internet Justice in Chinese Courts": Courts Around the Country Widely Use Cutting-Edge Technologies such as Blockchain

According to the Shanghai Securities News, on December 4, the Supreme People's Court held a press conference on the White Paper on "Internet Justice in Chinese Courts" in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, and released the White Paper on "Internet Justice in Chinese Courts." This is the first Internet judicial white paper issued by a Chinese court. According to the white paper, courts in various places have widely used cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things to comprehensively promote the in-depth application of information technology in the judicial system. In the field of blockchain, the Supreme People's Court has constructed a “People's Court Judicial Blockchain Unified Platform”, which has completed the certification of more than 194 million data on-chain storage certificates, and utilizes the characteristics of distributed storage and anti-tampering of blockchain technology. Safeguarding the authenticity of evidence greatly reduces the difficulty for judges to identify evidence.