Chauyusen: Global crypto market requires transaction supervision, which may be difficult to establish in a short time

Babbitt reported on the spot that on December 4, Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institutions Summit was held in Guangzhou. In the roundtable round of global blockchain investment, Chauyusen, partner of Pythagoras Investment, shared that there is a big difference between the crypto market and the traditional market in the rating system. Equity in the traditional market can be evaluated, and the crypto market is difficult: traditional financial markets, there are reasons behind sharp price fluctuations, such as policy or company news; no matter what happens in the crypto market, whether the news is good or bad, it is difficult to respond To the final market performance. At the roundtable session, a guest said that the traditional financial market's supervision of behind-the-scenes transactions is quite strict, but due to the lack of supervision in the cryptocurrency field, there are behind-the-scenes transactions, that is, cryptocurrencies still need to monitor transactions. Some guests also said that such supervision would be difficult to establish in a short period of time.