Director of Shandong Provincial Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy: Shandong should accelerate the "Blockchain " action

The director of Shandong Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy, Li Yan, published in the daily newspaper "How Blockchain Enters the 3.0 Era, How Does Shandong Grasp the Opportunity?" The article mentioned that Shandong should speed up the "Blockchain +" action to deepen the application of blockchain technology in various fields and industries; at the same time, it should prevent the abuse of blockchain technology, which will be coaxed and dispersed. . The key point in the development of the "14th Five-Year Plan" has been started nationwide. Shandong should actively strengthen its research on the blockchain and use scientific methods to assess the current state of development, existing problems, and the latest development trend of the technology industry in the province. Systematic combing.