bloXroute launches Layer 0 scalability solution BDN V1

bloXroute yesterday announced the official launch of the blockchain distribution network BDN V1 on Medium. BDN V1 is the first Layer 0 blockchain scalability solution to achieve blockchain expansion by accelerating the speed of block and transaction propagation. BDN is compatible with layer 1 and layer 2 solutions, including PoS, PoW, DAG, and hybrid frameworks. BDN V1 gateway software has been publicly released in DockerHub, PyPi and Github. BDN will be gradually deployed. It is expected that BDN V1 will be gradually adopted in mining pools, DApps and exchanges in the next few months. Once there are enough mining pools to adopt BDN, it is expected that the rate of ETH will decrease. This version now only supports Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, while re-development and integration with other blockchain projects, including Ontology, Quorum, Conflux and Metadium.