Coinbase's former CTO: More tech companies will become decentralized protocols or be subverted by the 1920s

Former Coinbase CTO and Earn co-founder Balaji S. Srinivasan said on Twitter today that in ten years, the largest unicorn company of the 21st century was not Uber, Airbnb or Snap, but Bitcoin. Please note that these three companies (and many other unicorns) are great companies, and I don't mean to say anything from them. But as far as I know, nothing else can keep the market value of $ 100 billion for a longer period of time in the same time frame. This is important from an investor perspective. As a technology investment, Bitcoin is, in some ways, the best performer in ten years. In addition, by the 1920s, more technology companies will become decentralized protocols or their disruption. As a result, comparing agreements with companies will become more common.