Zhou Xiaochuan: From the perspective of protecting investors, central banks and regulators need to pay close attention to digital currencies

Zhou Xiaochuan, former president of the People's Bank of China and president of the China Institute of Finance, published a paper on the interaction of information technology and financial policy on Caixin.com. He stated in the article that China once accounted for a large proportion of "mining". For example, ICO and bitcoin transaction volume both accounted for a large proportion of internationally. This will definitely cause regulatory authorities to monitor the health of financial markets, consumers And some concerns about investor protection and financial stability. When digital currencies first came out, most people expressed full curiosity and enthusiasm, and then two problems arose: one was that Bitcoin transactions experienced very significant ups and downs; the other was speculative and technology abuse. From a speculative point of view, many people don't know what digital currency is and may be deceived in the middle. Therefore, from the perspective of protecting investors, the central bank and regulatory authorities need to pay close attention.