1st Anniversary of the original chain | CoinID open support for its special custom "anniversary card wallet" than the original chain

Recently, Xinminghua CoinID opened up to support the BTM main network ecosystem more than the original Bytom (BTM) main network. "CoinID Chip Wallet" can support the digital signature of traditional banking services and the secure key storage and signature verification of digital asset users. It can also be compatible with multiple backbones in the blockchain field. To celebrate the first anniversary of the original online line, CoinID has customized the "anniversary card wallet" than the original chain. At present, in addition to CoinID, Bycoin, Binxin, Bepeal, Hoo, Hyperpay, Bitpie, Anybit have already supported the main chain of the original chain Bytom (BTM), I hope that users can understand the function and usage of the wallet before use. In order to better protect your own assets.