Wan Xiang Xiao Feng: In the next two years, China will very carefully try digital finance and digital assets

According to Zhejiang News, on December 3, in the "Double Innovation Lecture Hall" of Zhejiang University, Xiao Feng, Vice Chairman of Wanxiang Holdings and Chairman and CEO of Wanxiang Blockchain, said that I believe that within the next two years China will be very cautious in trying digital finance and digital assets. We are missing a reference when discussing digital currencies, and half of them want to reach a comprehensive conclusion, so they are always quarreling. I find that most people are talking about digital currencies, but they don't put digital assets aside. Digital currency is digital currency. There will be digital currency issued by the central bank. We acknowledge that the digitization of sovereign fiat currencies is not something that private institutions can do. But how to use it after issuing digital currency? Who will use it? Where is it used? Why use it like this? To put together digital currency and digital assets is a complete system. The issuing side is the central bank, the operating side and the using side are all institutions.