Vice President of Beijing Certified Tax Accountants Association: Blockchain invoices can ensure that tax matters are established at the instant of economic events

On December 2, Dr. Deng Yanfang, Chairman of Zhonglian Tax Accountants Co., Ltd. and Vice Chairman of the Beijing Association of Certified Tax Accountants, said that the basic logic of smart finance and taxation is that the flow of funds, business and invoices are "three streams consistent". Among them, the business is the starting point and source, and the authenticity of the business must be checked; the invoice is transmitted, and the tax is controlled by the ticket; the invoice is the sign of the business, and the tax declaration is the end. This is also the reason why the country vigorously promotes blockchain invoices, that is, in order to ensure that tax matters are established at the instant when economic events occur, invoices can be issued. In this way, in the past fiscal and taxation work, contracts, invoices, but no business substance will be avoided.