Xinhua News Agency: Coin speculation and mining are hot again, and vigilance over financial scams wearing blockchain vests is back

On December 4, the Xinhua News Agency issued a "Xinhua Perspective:" Financing "and" Mining "have become hot again, and are wary of financial fraud" re-emerging in rivers and lakes "wearing a blockchain" vest. " The article points out that some criminals promote the promotion of virtual currencies and capital disks under the banner of blockchain, equate blockchain technology with virtual currencies, and even say "the policy to prevent the financing risk of token issuance is outdated", and some use " Chain, "mining", "IMO", "STO" and other refurbished names, covering the blockchain vest to carry out illegal financial activities. At present, financial regulatory authorities in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and other places have successively introduced measures to reorganize virtual currency trading venues. Mao Hongliang, director of the Blockchain Research Office of the National Internet Financial Security Technical Expert Committee, told reporters that recent pyramid schemes, fund disks and other illegal activities have used the concept of blockchain and the issuance of virtual currencies for packaging. It has nothing to do with blockchain technology and involves a lot of funds. Harmful. Zheng Yushan, a person in charge of the National Technology Transfer East Center, said that the current regulatory weathervane is to standardize and purify the development environment of blockchain technology, clean up and prevent private speculation, illegal fundraising, and financial fraud to ensure the secure and orderly development of true blockchain technology. Cheng Yu, deputy director of the Personnel Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that some criminals scammed and engaged in financial transactions in the name of blockchain projects, which caused a negative perception of blockchain technology in society and hindered technology and industry. Healthy development. Supervision should be strengthened to increase punishment for illegal acts.