Security company: stolen ETH on Cryptopia exchange in New Zealand changes again

According to the monitoring and analysis results of Chengdu Lianan's Beosin-AML anti-money laundering platform, recently, the stolen ETH of the New Zealand Cryptopia exchange changed again in January. The key address 0x9481bd was quiet after transferring a total of more than 600 ETH to multiple addresses. For a while. Recently, among these decentralized addresses, the address 0x211d4 transferred 247 ETH to the Binance Deposit address, and the address 0x094b67a transferred 14.68ETH into the Yobit exchange through layer transfer and mixing. Another 20 ETH were transferred after the funds were mixed at the address 0xd0595b. Enter Kraken and Huobi deposit address. Through Chengdu Chainan's continuous tracking analysis, it was found that the process of decentralization and transfer of funds by hackers was complicated and orderly. Funds were split through a large number of addresses, and funds were obfuscated and other funds were used to evade tracking. Chengdu Chain Security will continue to track the movement of Cryptopia's stolen funds.