MakerDAO COO: Ethereum Istanbul hard fork will not pose a problem for Maker's contract

MakerDAO Chief Operating Officer Steven Becker was asked in a recent interview and asked "Will all Sai be included in Dai?" Becker replied that the agreement is decentralized and the decision will be left to MKR holders, "Governance The plan is to close Sai when MKR holders believe that a sufficient amount of Sai has been transferred to Dai. So there is no fixed date, it depends on them. "Becker was also asked if one of the collateral faces is considered a security Such as regulatory issues, how Dai will be affected. It means that, by definition, they will be securities that can be used to generate Dai. Therefore, this has no effect on Dai itself, as Dai's stability depends on the core value of the mortgage asset and is still decentralized. Becker also mentioned that the upcoming Ethereum Istanbul hard fork will not pose any problems for Maker's contract, as its contract does not have hard-coded Gas requirements.