SheKnows 丨 Crisis · Opportunity: 2020, the big breakthrough of the public chain

From the birth of Bitcoin, to the emergence of smart contracts, to the cross-chain cross-chain, public chains have led almost every major technological innovation. However, from the TPS competition, to the Dapp ecological competition, and then to the beachfront DeFi, the road to public landing has never been smooth. At the same time, major manufacturers and giants have entered the market, and the alliance chain is unstoppable. The starting gun was fired at 10.24, and the crisis and opportunity coexisted. How will the public chain break through in 2020?
From December 5th to 6th, SheKnows will invite the founder of Quantum Chain Shuai Chu, Findora CEO Charles Lu, Betochain CTO James, IOST co-founder Terry, Conflux founder Long Fan, Yunxiang Blockchain CEO Huang Butian, Bystack to take charge Renma Qianli and Kong Qingyang, Marketing Director of Xita Technology, chat about the "crisis" and "opportunity" of the public chain, and explore the way of integration of the public chain and the alliance chain.