BTC block time continues to accelerate grayscale BTC positions have increased

According to TokenGazer data analysis: As of December 4th at 17:00, BTC quoted $ 7190.92 with a market value of $ 129,921.61M; 24H BTC trading volume on mainstream exchanges was about $ 231.81M, which was a decrease of 12.65% from yesterday; BTC's recent on-chain transaction volume continued Growth, the number of active addresses remained stable, and the block production time kept accelerating, about 9.2min; BTC market value accounted for a steady fluctuation, currently about 66.7%; BTC's 30-day ROI performance was not good; according to six data from TokenGazer's official website, BTC sentiment The exponential moving average has remained stable, and gray BTC positions have increased to a certain extent. In terms of futures, compared to 24 hours ago, the Huobi and OKEx Bitcoin contract positions have fallen slightly. OKEx's Bitcoin long-short position ratio fluctuated between 0.93-1.01 and is currently 0.99. In the long and short bitcoin trend of Huobi, long positions held by elite users accounted for 45.4%; on the exchange side, the BTC / USD Coinbase has a positive and negative premium volatility on the BTC / USDT Huobi. There are risks in entering the market, and investment needs to be cautious.