A quick overview of the latest research and development progress of the Ethereum Foundation and the ecosystem team

Source: Shallot Blockchain
Over the past six months, all core areas of Ethereum have continued to evolve from network improvements to the upcoming Istanbul upgrades, as well as the development of Eth1.x and Eth2.

The Ethereum Foundation releases progress on the Foundation and the Ethereum Ecosystem team and projects. The article states that since the last report (June 21), all core areas of Ethereum have continued to evolve from network improvements to upcoming Istanbul upgrades, as well as Eth1.x and Eth2 development.

I. Aleth team

The Aleth team is one of the customer teams dedicated to upgrading Istanbul to the Eth1.x chain and has released Aleth 1.7.2 which fully supports the Istanbul upgrade.

1. EVM and other consensus updates;

2. Optimize the network;

3.PRC repair;

4. Optimize the database;

5. Fix and simplify testeth functionality.

Ecosystem support plan

1. Recently donated 5 rounds of funds in Crosslink Taipei, amounting to $ 2,000- $ 5,000;

2. More non-financial support;

3. Website optimization;

4. The focus of the Ewasm team has shifted to the study of Eth 2.0 and worked closely with other teams;

5. Execution environment design.

Third, the verification team

1. Solidity's SMTChecker (a borderless model checker for Solidity smart contracts);

2. Support Solidity compiler;

3. Lead the development of smart contract specification language;

4. Support Eth2 research team and operation verification in beacon chain verification work;

5. Maintain HEVM;

6. Support the test team to extend the coverage of Ethereum testing.

Geth team

1. Maintain changes to the code base (8 versions);

2.Geth nodes are gradually expanded;

3. In terms of performance, we are trying to reduce the network load and research the state snapshot program;

4. Lightweight client infrastructure has also done a lot of work, allowing server operators to assign and manage client priorities and resource quotas through the RPC API.

Five, the JavaScript team

The Foundation has formed a new JavaScript team that combines Web3.js, Ethers.js, EthereumJS, and Grid.

The Python ecosystem

1. Web3.py's recent work is to improve stability and documentation. The current focus is on adding async support to the library;

2. Trinity client is developing a test version, which will include newly developed "Beam Sync";

3. EthPM will focus on ecosystem tools.


1. Improve the Remix plugin and work with the community in various ways;

2. Implement WebSocket plugin for Edi Sinovcic's github integration;

3. Help Quorum integrate their Remix plugin;

4. Use Waffle (Ethworks) on its plugin;

5. Work with the VSCode Ethereum team to integrate the plugin engine as a VSCode extension;

6. Switch the loading plugin resource to fully centralized (currently IPFS);

7. Remix library: Committed to improving, maintaining and promoting the Remix library, completing the remix-simulator and performing more tests for remix-debug;

8. Improve the IDE's file browser to support folders and standard features.

The Casper CBC team

1. The WIP public document will be released soon, describing the minimal CBC Casper protocol and validator strategy in the unified framework (VLSM).

2. Formal verification of VLSM.

3. Use CBC Casper feature to improve Eth2.0 design.

Nine, Plasma research team

We have been working hard on scalable technologies since May. There are 4 different teams in the ecosystem building universal Plasma specifications for multiple blockchains, including OmiseGO, Matic, Cryptoeconomics Lab and Plasm.

10. Serenity / Eth2 Research Team

The team is moving towards Phase 0 testnet and mainnet. The specifications and prototypes of Phase 1 go hand in hand, while Phase 2 continues with active and fruitful R & D.

Eleven, safety testing

1. In terms of security, there is a lot of progress on the Istanbul Hard Fork. The old python-based fuzzer (Evmlab) has been rewritten in Go and has been used to create fuzzers that target EIP.

2. Run libfuzzer-based fuzzers on Geth and Parity;

3. Announced $ 15K USD as a bounty to EIP's security audit.

Twelve, Solidity

The Solidity language and compiler continue to stabilize and add some features, including the option to output Solidity code for various flexible formats, stability and security changes. The team is working on a new 0.6.0 version and a 0.5.x update.