People with communist labor vouchers issue "coins"

In a certain stage of development towards a communist society, society will not need or be able to issue a unified "national currency" as it has in the past. Instead, everyone must issue "coins."

Everyone will issue their own "encrypted digital coupons", just like the current encrypted digital currency, such as the current ETH-ERC20 or ETH-ERC721 tokens (tokens / pass), but different The point is that "encrypted digital currency coupons" will have the same function as labor bills, and the performance of such records will be calculated by computer system between labor time and living materials and "encrypted digital coupons". Exchange relationship, peer relationship. The "encrypted digital currency" and its related record information will also be the same as the current ETH-issued token, which can be queried on the current erasescan, which is public and traceable.

In the case that production materials are shared by all, each person must issue his own encrypted digital currency coupon, and give his own encrypted digital currency service time value through labor time. For ease of expression, the following example uses "coin" to refer to this "encrypted digital coupon" equivalent to a labor coupon.

For example, A issued 100,000 A-dollars, and the 100,000-dollar A coins did not have any labor value. However, after A labored, the social system would calculate the labor time of A, and then A-coin and life. The labor time value of the materials is linked.

Suppose that five hours of labor is equal to one bag of rice. After five hours of labor, A's 100,000 A-coins will be recorded in the entire social system as A-coin equal to one bag of rice.

A can take 100,000 A dollars to buy a bag of rice.

After A worked five hours on the second day, the 100,000 A coins were equal to the value of the two bags of rice.

A can buy two bags of rice with these 100,000 A coins.

And so on.

For the A currency issued by A, it will only be used by A. Others cannot use A currency to purchase living materials. This will be ensured through the entire automated social system, science and technology.

For example, in the future "shop", A enters the "store" to purchase living materials. When making a payment, A will be recognized by face or pupil to determine that the user of this A currency is A, confirming After that, the payment transaction will take effect, and A will be able to take away these living materials from the “store”. (Future "stores" are no cashiers, everything will be automated).

This ensures that even if A transfers and forwards his A currency to other people, others cannot use A currency to purchase anything. A currency has no meaning for any other person, A The currency only has a working time value for A. Only A talent can use A currency to purchase and exchange all kinds of materials needed for life.

After A pays A currency, after the next labor, the system will also be able to recalculate the labor value of the A currency and then issue it to A with the A currency as the “Labor Coupon”.

For example, the labor value of A's 100,000 A-coins is two bags of rice. After A pays 50,000 A-coins to buy a bag of rice, A has only 50,000 A coins left, and the system also holds 5 Ten thousand A coins.

If A carries out 10 hours of labor the next day, then after systematic statistics, the total labor time of 100,000 A coins will be equal to four bags of rice, and the system will hold 50,000 As. All the coins are issued to A, and A re-holds 100,000 A coins.

If A's labor time exceeds the 50,000 A-dollar labor hours held by the system, then the system will issue all of the 50,000 A-coins back to A and re-establish the 100,000 A-dollars held by A. Perform statistical calculations of labor hours values.

A currency can not be issued, can not be cheated, this will be guaranteed by huge computing power, extremely decentralized computing hardware resources, open source (the future computing resources will belong to the collective), A currency will be like Like many blockchain projects attached to ETH, like those ERC20 or ERC721 tokens based on ETH, these ERC20 or ERC721 tokens are not cheating and tampering, and this is dependent on the ETH's center. It is guaranteed that ETH's huge computing resources and open source ensure the decentralization of ETH itself. (Here is just an example. Whether the current ETH is truly decentralized, whether it needs to improve evolution, and what network is based on the issue of tokens in the future, this needs to be explored separately).

The above has solved the long-standing dispute about the circulation, private exchange, hoarding and so on of "labor vouchers". As for the conversion relationship between labor hours and the amount of living materials in the future, what is the relationship between the labor hours and the living conditions, which will be determined by the productivity and production efficiency of the entire society.

All of the above statistical calculations will be handled by a large social computer system, through data collection, Internet of Things and other scientific technologies to perform operations.

Based on the above ideas, the author imagines that the primary stage of communism in the future will look like this:

The living problems of all people will be unified and determined by the society collectively, and everyone will be able to enjoy the “revenue” brought about by the collective development of the whole society.

Children and the elderly will be raised by the whole society, and the education of the children will be the responsibility of the whole society.

At the moment when children graduate from school and participate in labor, they must issue their own encrypted digital coupons. This coupon will follow its life until it is retired, and no longer need to give its own encrypted digital coupons through labor. It will be supported by the entire society.

With the continuous development of productivity, the working hours of the working people in the whole society to obtain basic food and clothing through labor will become shorter and shorter, and everyone will gradually be able to put more time into their hobbies, Dive into the various fields that I like to study. And these researches will promote the development of all areas of society, which will make the productivity more and more developed.

With the development of productivity and the development of society, people will eventually no longer have to manage and promote the development of society through the issuance of their own encrypted digital coupons. [1]

[1] For the understanding of this sentence, you can read the short science fiction "The Mother" written by the author and the short story of the science fiction " Where are they?"