Professor of China University of Political Science and Law: Need to vigorously popularize blockchain knowledge

Hu Jishang, director of the Research Center for Blockchain Finance and Rule of Law, China University of Political Science and Law, said that when any new thing comes out, there are often people who will use this new thing to carry out fraud activities, especially the blockchain appears "mysterious and tall" "Therefore, some people use the mentality that people know a little bit about it and want to get rich overnight to" empty white wolves. " In addition, he said that for the supervisory authorities, all relevant supervisory authorities should establish a coordination mechanism to formulate and improve regulations, normative documents, and improve legislation and supervision as soon as possible. At the same time, for ordinary investors to conduct appropriate management and establish necessary Thresholds, such as the Science and Technology Innovation Board and the New Third Board, have set thresholds. Strive to eliminate the scam created by the blockchain in the bud. Keep calm thinking during the upsurge, and don't let the blockchain rush like a peer-to-peer, and eventually go down. Hu Jishang said that in order to prevent fraud, the most important thing is not to listen to the letter. In addition, it is also necessary to vigorously popularize the knowledge of the blockchain, to let ordinary investors know what a blockchain is and what the core content is in order to eliminate common people's misunderstandings about the blockchain.