Lightning Network takes a new height! Lightning Lab released the first Bitcoin main network lightning network desktop application

One of the largest bitcoin companies behind Lightning Network technology, the upcoming expansion technology, Lightning Labs , released its first desktop application on the Bitcoin main network blockchain.


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Previously, this desktop application was only available for Bitcoin's test network – by using fake bitcoin to test the program, the application is now running on the Bitcoin main network for the first time, which means users can use it to send and receive. Real bitcoin. It's worth noting that the app is still "unmanaged", which means users can control their own bitcoin .

Lightning Labs developers Tankred Hase and Valentine Wallace explained in a blog post about the new app:

"Promoting this release is a comprehensive commitment to the expansion of the principles on which Bitcoin is based (privacy, security and autonomy). To do this, we need to go beyond the previous hosting solutions and enthusiast guidelines to provide a good user for everyone. Experience."

Today, other lightning network applications can also use real Bitcoin, including Bluewallet, Zap and Zeus. But Lightning Labs is probably the largest company to date to launch Bitcoin mainframe applications. The Lightning Lab was originally created by the creators of the Lightning Network.

The app runs on MacOS, Windows and Linux devices.

Developers using the app quickly noticed that although this is a Bitcoin main web application, it is still designed for "advanced users" who want to test the emerging technology of Lightning Networks. When sending money (bitcoin) using an unfinished technology, users are still at risk of losing.

Another important part of this product release is that on the bottom of the technology, this desktop application integrates "Neutrino", a "light client" technology that users need to download less bitcoin blockchain data. , you can verify the authenticity of the transaction. Neutrino is more private, despite other lightweight client technologies. (However, some developers have already debated the shortcomings of the agreement.)

Looking ahead, Lightning Labs is focusing on product launches for future mobile devices.

The blog post explains that Lightning Labs also plans to enter the mobile device space as soon as possible.

Hase and Wallace wrote:

“As we continue to invest in performance and stability, this release represents an important step towards the mobile space. We are launching our main iOS and Android apps as soon as possible.”