Director of the Reform Office of the Supreme People's Court Division: The Internet Court will actively study and respond to the opportunities and challenges brought by the blockchain and other technologies to justice

Hu Shihao, the director of the reform office of the Supreme People's Court, said that in terms of cutting-edge technology integration applications, the Internet Court will actively study how to deal with 5G communications, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, blockchain, virtual reality / augmented reality (VR / AR) and other technologies. The opportunities and challenges brought by, increase research and development efforts, pinpoint application scenarios, and respond to actual needs; in terms of judicial model innovation, it will deepen and improve new one-stop online dispute resolution models such as multiple disputes, asynchronous trials, and online demonstration litigation; In terms of exploring rules, the scope of Internet court cases will be more focused on new types and new forms of Internet disputes with prominent Internet characteristics, and will develop in a "special" and "fine" direction, better establish Internet judicial rules, and promote cyberspace governance. .