Swiss Crypto Valley Association releases paper on asset tokenization

On December 2nd, the Swiss Cryptocurrency Industry Organization Crypto Valley Association (CVA) published a paper on asset tokenization. Mattia Rattaggi, a member of the board of directors of the association and liaison for the Working Group on Regulatory Policies, said that the paper will provide useful guidance for entrepreneurs seeking to launch or trade securities tokens in Switzerland and will help them from law and technology Perspective to solve the problem. This paper was co-authored by lawyers, compliance experts, and technical experts from companies such as HDC, PwC, MME, Seba, and Lykke under the leadership of Florian Ducommun, Chairman of the Asset Tokenization Working Group. The association said that the paper will "promote a better understanding of the legal, regulatory and technological environment by streamlining processes and ensuring compliance with market standards, with the aim of creating a strong blockchain technology framework in Switzerland."