Southwestern University of Finance Chen Wen: We must grasp the general direction of the blockchain to serve the people's livelihood and the technology for the people

Talking about the key points for the development of blockchain technology in the future, Chen Wen, deputy director of the Inclusive Finance and Intelligent Finance Research Center of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, said that the first is to grasp the general direction of blockchain to serve people's livelihood and technology for the people. The second is to promote the close integration of blockchain applications with the real economy, recognizing that technology itself cannot create value independently of scenario applications. The third is to soberly recognize the existing shortcomings of blockchain technology. In the process of applying technology, we must continue to improve the existing technology to make it more mature. In addition, Chen Wen said: "At present, the application of blockchain technology has extended from the financial field to the physical field, and the application of blockchain technology can only truly exert its value when combined with the physical industry."