Chinese Academy of Sciences Mei Hong: Developing blockchain will be an important aspect of the digital economy

According to the Sanya Daily, Mei Hong, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said at the conference of the Digital Civilization Conference held in Hainan on December 4 that in the current era, the three stages of digitalization, networking and intelligence are running in parallel. Advance. The development of blockchain will be an important aspect of the digital economy. To promote the innovation of blockchain-based application models and focus on how to embed blockchain capabilities in the infrastructure, the current blockchain and infrastructure construction are still separate. Do your own. Mei Hong said that the blockchain has the characteristics of distributed data transmission, point-to-point transmission, and transparency and is not easy to be tampered with. "In the era of the digital economy, humans will use more and more data, digital goods, digital assets, and blockchain as a share. The trust mechanism and security mechanism of circulation transactions will provide an effective solution.