"Chain Shanghai South" plan announced! Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Pilot Zone Releases "Six Chains"

Reporter: Mao Lei

Article source: People's Network-Hainan Channel

Editor's Note: Original Title "Announcement of the" Chain Shanghai South "Plan Held by Hainan in the Digital Civilization Conference 2020"

Haikou, People's Network, December 4 (Reporter Mao Lei) On December 4, the conference of Digital Civilization Conference was held in Hainan Ecological Software Park. It was announced that the Global Digital Civilization Conference will be held in Hainan in 2020. At the meeting, "Dry Goods" were full, and the highly-regarded "Chain Shanghai South" plan unveiled the mystery. At the same time, "Six Measures on Accelerating the Development of the Blockchain Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "chain six") was officially released.

It is understood that the first Global Digital Civilization Conference is planned to be held in Hainan, China in mid-November 2020. The theme is "Trust-based Digital Governance", focusing on the challenges and opportunities in the information age, bringing together policy makers, technology innovators, and developers. Makers, opinion leaders, business leaders, experts and scholars, and young and up-to-date talents, unite social consensus, discuss solutions, and create a more fair and credible digital civilization.

The Digital Civilization Conference was initiated by the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Pilot Zone. The initial members of the conference came from top international academic institutions such as Oxford University, MIT, Zurich Institute of Technology, Luxembourg University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University. Student representatives from Hungary, the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, France, and China appeared at the press conference as cutting-edge representatives of digital civilization, and will become the backbone of digital civilization in the future.


Chain Shanghai South Plan Released (Photo courtesy of the organizer)

It is understood that "Chain Shanghai South" plans to use blockchain, big data and other technologies, and integrate the domestic basic software and hardware technology system of "Fei Teng Chip + Kirin Operating System" to create a secure and reliable core technology base to help achieve the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Port) The goal of convenient flow of people, logistics, capital, and information.

Huobi China, Baidu DuChain, Almaty Cloud, Energy Chain Technology, ChainRong Technology, Paper-Gui Technology and other 12 "Chain Shanghai South" ecological alliance members signed contracts to jointly promote "Chain Shanghai South" to achieve more scenarios Landing, exporting exemplary and popularizable application solutions.

At the press conference, Wang Jing, director of the Hainan Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, released the "Six Chains" special measures, officially launching five major application scenarios of digital health, digital education, digital construction, game review supervision, and on-chain Chengmai.

The "chain six" refers to: first, the establishment of an innovation alliance to strengthen the training of blockchain talents and drive joint innovation; the second is to build a technical system to promote the research and innovation of blockchain technology and support universities, research institutions, and key enterprises to develop the blockchain Research on key core technologies; the third is to build an ecosystem of the blockchain industry based on application scenarios; the fourth is to optimize the development environment and create a loose and friendly development atmosphere and environment for blockchain companies; the fifth is to establish special funds for the industry Strengthening financial support with enterprise development; Sixth, establish an expert think tank and strengthen the Hainan block chain industry development think tank support.


Signing ceremony site (Photo courtesy of the organizer)

On the same day, the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Pilot Zone and the Dubai Blockchain Center in the UAE reached a strategic cooperation to help the latter achieve digital city construction, digital economic industrial clusters, government efficiency improvement, and digitalization in the Middle East and North Africa. Governance transformation.


Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Pilot Zone and Dubai Blockchain Center in the UAE have reached a strategic cooperation (Photo courtesy of the organizer)

It is reported that since the establishment of the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Pilot Zone in October last year, it has actively researched and explored the core technology and application innovation of the blockchain, and has achieved a full range of basic theories and engineering practices. Breakthrough. At present, it has gathered more than 100 blockchain head institutions and enterprises, becoming one of the most concentrated areas in China's blockchain field.