Global leading agricultural product blockchain technology will be applied in the field of fresh produce supply chain

According to official sources, FPT is the world's leading intelligent agricultural product technology public chain, and is an agricultural product supply chain blockchain application technology co-sponsored by geeks from different fields in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Germany. The application of this technology is mainly to gradually solve the quality traceability caused by the tampering of sensing technology and information processing technology in the process of agricultural mechanization, intensification, and intelligent development. A series of objective problems such as lack of credit mechanism and evaluation basis for agricultural finance in developing countries, multiple risks of agricultural insurance and high compensation rates. FPT blockchain technology will first be applied to the intelligent fresh supply chain system. FEC is the digital voucher for the global fresh food e-commerce supply chain settlement and entertainment games in the FPT digital public chain. It will be widely used in the chain's internal settlement, Internet game tokens and digital asset circulation.