Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering: Blockchain can build a platform for implementing automated rules

According to Hainan Daily, at the conference of the Digital Civilization Conference on December 4, Bill Rothko, academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering and director of the Blockchain Research Center of the University of Oxford, gave a keynote speech on the vision of digital civilization and said that the introduction of products And services to advance the development of digital civilization. Specifically, a controllable platform is needed to ensure that citizens, businesses, and governments comply with laws and regulations. The blockchain can build a very effective platform, and through the integration of new languages ​​and technologies, achieve the best balance and integration between different applications and jurisdictions. In order to 'civilize' the evolution of digital civilization, we need to make bad behavior nearly impossible and unprofitable. Blockchain can guarantee integrity and transparency, while ensuring that each node complies with the rules. Unauthorized records cannot be 'chained' and attempts to corrupt will be prevented and made public. Bill Rothko believes that blockchain is a platform for establishing and implementing automated rules and laws, which will make it impossible or not worth breaking the rules of civilization.