Gao Jian: Blockchain and finance have a natural combination

Babbitt reported on the spot that on December 5, the Hainan Free Trade Port Digital Economy and Blockchain International Cooperation Forum officially opened in Haikou. Gao Jian, a senior economist, founder of China's bond capital market, and former executive vice president of China Development Bank, said in a speech that technology is the carrier of knowledge and has different roles in different times. From an economic perspective, For the progress of human society, the most important thing is the legal system and culture, followed by technological progress and economic growth. Finance is designed to reduce risks and manage risks through strict internal control, credit, hedging, and diversification. Blockchain and finance have a natural combination.
The development of blockchain is very hot now, but we must pay attention to the bubbles that may occur in the future. The blockchain itself is a technology that is established from the perspective of transaction costs and centralization. For the development of blockchain technology, if the technology and Application scenarios, there may be bubbles in the future.