Advisor to the Minister of Economic Affairs of Russia: The digital economy is a perfection of a traditional economy, not a change

Babbitt reported on the spot that on December 5, the Hainan Free Trade Port Digital Economy and Blockchain International Cooperation Forum officially opened in Haikou. In the "Ministerial Forum: International Exchanges and Cooperation in the Digital Economy", Meyer Massim, the Minister of Economic Affairs, adviser said that the digital economy is a perfection of a traditional economy. It is not changing, but improving. Make the traditional economy better. The State Representative of the Kingdom of Bahrain's Economic Development Committee in China Jiang Yan believes that the digital economy can break the boundaries between the original countries and open up the entire regional and even global markets; the impact and changes of the digital economy on the local economy far exceed the past; "Belt and Road" is a very good grip. Albert Isola, Minister of Digital Financial Services of the Gibraltar Government, pointed out that blockchain technology will play an important role in stocks, bonds and even the entire economy. Gibraltar issued relevant laws and regulations in 2017 and is the first region in the world to issue relevant regulatory policies. It is because there is regulation to be free, and to allow innovative technologies to operate in a better framework in financial markets.