The ontology dApp incentive plan is released every week, and the first three weeks to receive bonuses up to 300,000 RMB

In January of this year, the OEP-39 proposal of the ontology community was approved, and the “Early Bird Plan” was announced from April 1st to June 30th, and developers enjoyed 60% of profits. The dApp with outstanding daily activities and trading volume will also receive an incentive of 20,000 US dollars per week for the Worker Ant Project, which is equivalent to RMB 140,000. At present, the rewards have been issued for three weeks. A total of Yundoulong, block wars, explosive bombs, pixel birds, 2048 Enhanced and Fishing Man 7 glory are on the list. The top Yundoulong has received $41,491.37 in three weeks. excitation! When the number of dApps on the list exceeds 20, a reward of 50,000 USD per week will be opened. Are you willing to let others share the rich bonuses every week? Click on the link to view and apply now: