Yang Dahao, founding partner of Gyro Finance: China's blockchain industry lacks internationally recognized original success

Babbitt reported on the spot that on December 5, the "FBEC 2019 Global Blockchain Technology Innovation Summit" hosted by Gyro Finance was held in Shenzhen. Gyro Finance founding partner Yang Dahao said in the "Blockchain Industry Report" sharing that since 2016, governments across China have issued a total of 182 policies to encourage the development of blockchain, involving more than 20 provinces, including government affairs, medical, financial and Smart cities have become the landing areas that the government values. Blockchain investment is on the rise. 2018 is an explosive year. The number of financings reached 349, with a growth rate of 340%. The financing amount was 17.3 billion yuan, an increase of 876%. But in 2019, the industry returned to rationality, and the amount and amount of financing dropped significantly. He also pointed out that China has accumulated certain advantages in the development of the blockchain industry, but because China is relatively weak in basic disciplines such as mathematics, it has always lacked internationally recognized original successes, such as the current mainstream consensus algorithms of blockchain, Technologies such as cross-chain and sharding are basically dominated by foreign teams or institutions.