He Liming, President of China Things Federation: Take the blockchain as an opportunity to accelerate the coordinated development of the logistics supply chain

According to the news from Yiou.com, recently, He Liming, the chairman of the China Federation of Things, said at the first Global Supply Chain Digital Economy Summit and the 2019 China Logistics and Supply Chain Industry Blockchain Application Annual Conference. At present, the application of blockchain in the field of logistics supply chain Scenarios are mainly focused on six major scenarios: process optimization and non-storage, supply chain collaboration and alliances, logistics and supply chain credit, electronic depository and judicial supervision, logistics tracking and product tracing. Combining the current status and problems of the logistics and supply chain industry and the use of blockchain, He Liming made several suggestions: 1. Actively promote the application of blockchain technology in the field of logistics and supply chain, and explore richer and deeper application scenarios , Promote the construction of a number of high-quality industry application chains, form industry benchmark demonstration benefits, and lead the industry's high-quality development. 2. Accelerate the establishment of standards and specifications for the application of blockchain in the field of logistics supply chain, and lead and dominate the voice of the new generation of information technology and management standards worldwide. 3. Speed ​​up the cultivation of a number of industry-leading blockchain technology and application platforms, and support and encourage enterprises to conduct efficient blockchain education and training. 4. Strengthen the industry's self-discipline, stir up the turmoil, clear the false and keep the truth.