The source of Bitcoin's thought: Zhuang Zhou Mengdie, will the robot dream of an electronic sheep?

The former Zhuang Zhoumeng is Hu Die, and the Hu Die is also – "Zhuangzi·Qiwu Theory"

Bitcoin is a small dream of mankind. The origin of this dream is science fiction, cyberpunk, and then the formation of a password punk organization. Nakamoto is from this organization.

This article will go back to such a wonderful history with the utmost enthusiasm and professionalism. Many of the possible cognitive misunderstandings of many people have also been eliminated.

Will the robot dream of an electronic sheep?

This is a good question. The person who asked this question or wrote the book is called Philip Dick. Born in 1928 and died in 1982, I don't care about the birth and death of celebrities. It is a special purpose to write it here, you will see later.

The work of Mr. Philip Dick is the predecessor of cyberpunk or cyberpunk.

What is a punk Punk?

Punk is a casual rock music style and a life attitude. The creative position is more inclined to counter-mainstream and freedom of thought. Originated in the 1960s and 1970s.

What is Cyberpunk Cyberpunk?

Cyberpunk is a genre of science fiction. Science fiction can be divided into soft science fiction and hard science fiction (and pseudo sci-fi) by the scientific basis of content. For example, Mr. Liu Cixin’s “three-body” is a hard science fiction, and can also use content. The theme is divided into steampunk, cyberpunk and so on.

Steampunk is more inclined to hardware. Seeing such a sci-fi movie seems to be in the early days of the industrial revolution: steaming trains, roaring machines, and sophisticated machinery. For example, the Japanese anime "Fullmetal Alchemist" can be classified as steampunk. Recently, Mr. Elon Musk's twitter avatar has also been replaced by the protagonist of steel refining, and the twitter is topped. The guess is a tribute to steampunk.

Cyberpunk, cyber originated from cybernetics cybernetics, although online always mentioned that cyberpunk always said that he is based on computer and information technology, but this is only the appearance, cyber essence means cybernetics , today's Science and technology is computer information technology. Perhaps it is not necessarily controlled in such a form in the future. Control will last forever. Just as freedom is a goddess, human beings are constantly chasing.

The word cyberpunk itself is a contradiction complex. The cyber representative controls and the punk represents freedom. Therefore, there are always control and counter-control, orderly destruction, and human entanglement in such sci-fi works. For example, "The Matrix" such as "Nervous Rover", such as "Blade Runner."

The original name of "The Blade Runner" is called "Does the robot dream of an electronic sheep?"

Narrative is the story of a bionic person pursuing his own freedom and resisting the human race that hunts him. The bionic person has wisdom, beauty, and body but has no long life and no power to be equal to human beings. They are also hunted by humans and hunted like animals. These hunters and their people (or bionics) are called Blade Runners. These bionics also have a name called Android , which is the operating system of the device currently held by two billion people .

Open a brain hole: If the Android system of more than two billion mobile phones on the earth suddenly wakes up one day, when you dream back at midnight, will they dream of an electronic sheep? Would you like to be a silver wing killer to destroy these little devices ?

Interspersed: "Blade Runner" Bionics' lines "I have witnessed what you can't imagine… all of this will disappear into the torrent of time, just like tears disappear in the rain"

Will the robot dream of an electronic sheep? If you dream, you will have consciousness and humanity. Should human species have corresponding human rights? Freedom and control – cyberpunk.

Time is back to 1968. In this year, Philip Dick wrote "Will the robot dream of bionic sheep?" At that time, punk became popular, so the former cyberpunk master gave birth to cyber to a certain extent. Punk is a sci-fi genre.

In 1982, Mr. Philip Dick died. Three months after his death, his work was on the screen, the first "Blade Runner" movie. Dick is a Van Gogh-like figure. Although he was praised by sci-fi people (such as Stanislav Lyme and Heinlein), he did not gain great prestige. His reputation became more and more important after his death. Recently, the American TV series "High Castle Wonders" is also derived from his works.

The cyberpunk-style pioneering work is William Gibson's "Nervous Rover", which is a person who knows technology and is oppressed at the bottom. Out of the flesh, the nerves enter the cyberspace (the word Cyberspace is proposed in this book) to roam, which is one of the classic settings of countless science fiction. The book also won the Nebula Award, the Hugo Award, and a grand prize called the Philippick Award. In 1984, the book was created. In 1985, it became the first book in history to receive three big prizes. At the same time, it opened the wave of cyberpunk. At this time, Mr. Philip Dick died three years. The source of the movie "The Matrix" is also "Nerve Rover."

The idea of ​​Bitcoin stems from cyberpunk and pursues free rebellion control . This is why cyberpunk, a sci-fi genre that many people don't know, is frequently mentioned by blockchain geeks. In 1982, the year in which "The Blade Runner" was released, Philip Dick died, and David Jom proposed an untrackable cryptography online payment system. Cryptography has been introduced into the field of financial payments. Then with PGP encrypted mail, with the "Pcrypt Punk Declaration", with a password punk (Cypherpunk) mailing list organization. The organization includes WikiLeaks founder Assange, BT download founder, inventor of the World Wide Web, Hash cash inventor Adam Baker, B-money inventor David, proposed RPoW's Harfini, BitGold's invention Nick Saab, the author of the smart contract, and the last bitcoin inventor, Nakamoto.

Many friends have misunderstood that cyberpunk is a password punk. The difference between the two is that the former is Cyberpunk and the latter is Cypherpunk, the former is the science fiction genre, and the latter is the cryptography mail community (organization). The source of thought flows down, and a story of pursuing anti-control and pursuing freedom is achieved . The history of this piece of password punk will be launched in the next article. Today we are talking about the source of bitcoin thinking – cyberpunk .

Going back to the question raised in the title of the article, "Do robots dream about electronic sheep?" I don't think about this problem. I think artificial intelligence has developed to a certain extent. Robots will dream of electronic sheep and will invent electronic sheep. The electronic sheep metaphorizes the blockchain and digital currency. Even if humans do not invent bitcoin, they will be invented by intelligent life. Bitcoin is not an accident. It is not the same as the theory of relativity and quantum theory. The lighting of the technology tree has its own internal laws .

Perhaps, in the future world, human beings have entered the cyberspace ; perhaps, in the future world, people and robots have merged, and the world has no human beings. At that time, the "robot" recalled the past of the earth and raised questions:

Will humans dream of butterflies?

The following content adds to the snake, I know, but I still have to write, because the snake is my painting.

We have dreamt of butterflies (bitcoin), found butterflies, and butterflies have been flying steadily for ten years.

Humans have many wonderful dreams. For example, Newton dreams that the apple fell on his head, Kaikole dreamed of the benzene ring structure, Mendeleev dreamed of the periodic table, and the password punks dreamed of the cyberspace. Ben Cong dreamed of Bitcoin.

If time and space pass through, Zhuang Zhou dreams of an electronic sheep, all this is so natural. Just like it happened .

Remarks: Author Murata second old in the process of creating this article consulted a friend pen Xiaoxin. Xiaoxin has loved science fiction from a young age. Almost all the sci-fi works of the Nebula Award and the Hugo Award have been read. The sci-fi readings in this forum are estimated to be no one but the right one. The two old & small new genus mysterious organizations encrypt the Erguotou.

(Author: village two old)