SheKnows Live | Findora CEO Charles Lu: Privacy is the most pressing issue in the current public blockchain space

In the afternoon of December 5th, in the SheKnows community live broadcast on the theme of "self evolution, public chain leading technological innovation", Findora CEO Charles Lu said that the most urgent issue in the public chain field is privacy. No matter the privacy of the user or the privacy of the enterprise, most applications cannot bypass this problem. Blockchain does bring great advantages of transparency, but the most basic blockchain has lost privacy protection. But real-world users need privacy. For example, if your company pays in bitcoin, everyone will know the specific amount of your salary. Similarly, if an enterprise invests, other companies can also see the direction of this enterprise's investment, causing unnecessary Dispute. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have no privacy, and the public chain must solve the privacy issue before it can be widely used. Babbitt Note: Add WeChat btc_11 or scan the QR code on the poster below, reply "SK" to enter the group and talk face-to-face with the boss.