SheKnows Live | Shuai Chu, Founder of Quantum Chain: Privacy technology represented by Mimblewimble is the most noteworthy new technology in the past two years

In the afternoon of December 5th, in the SheKnows community live broadcast on the theme of "self evolution, public chain leading technological innovation", the founder of Quantum Chain Shuai Chu said that public chain as an application platform is currently limited by many design ideas. . It is necessary to jump out of the global verification thinking of Bitcoin and Ethereum and start from the application perspective to creatively design the underlying architecture of the blockchain. At present, Bitcoin has become the industry's digital gold (not digital cash), and Ethereum has become a clearing and settlement financial agreement. There is no platform supporting large-scale blockchain applications in the industry, so it is difficult to expect large-scale application explosions in the industry, but one or several infrastructures for blockchain applications will inevitably emerge in the future. He also pointed out that the realization of various privacy technologies represented by Mimblewimble on the blockchain is the new technology that he believes is the most noteworthy in the past two years. Data privacy and asset privacy are just needed in real business applications. Babbitt Note: Add WeChat btc_11 or scan the QR code on the poster below, reply "SK" to enter the group and talk face-to-face with the boss.