Blockchain concept stocks strengthen in the afternoon, contemporary Oriental daily limit

According to the China Economic Network news, in the afternoon, the concept stocks of the blockchain strengthened. As of press time, the daily limit of 3 stocks such as contemporary Oriental, Ai Shide, and Imicom, Donghua Software rose more than 8%, and Beijing Junzheng and Zhongkechuang reached More than 6%, Jinyi Technology, Shuangyihui, Halo Xinwang, etc. rose more than 5%, Maoshuo Power, digital certification, etc. rose more than 4%, and many other shares rose to varying degrees. On the news, on December 5, the Hainan Free Trade Port Digital Economy and Blockchain International Cooperation Forum opened in Haikou, and the proposal for the establishment of a global blockchain and digital financial cooperation forum was released at the meeting.