SheKnows Live | Findora CEO Charles Lu: Compliance and Privacy Don't Conflict

In the afternoon of December 5th, in the SheKnows community live broadcast on the theme of "self evolution, public chain leading technological innovation", Findora CEO Charles Lu said that compliance and privacy do not conflict. The first generation of privacy coins, such as Zcash, Monero, could not be tracked at all, but it also brought a lot of difficult supervision. Zero-knowledge proofs only need to prove a small part of the information, and do not disclose any other information, so even if there is a regulator, the regulator will not get too much information, so there will be no problems such as privacy abuse. Babbitt Note: Add WeChat btc_11 or scan the QR code on the poster below, reply "SK" to enter the group and talk face-to-face with the boss.