SheKnows Live | QC founder Shuai Chu: Future Layer 2 is more application oriented

In the afternoon of December 5th, in the SheKnows community live broadcast with the theme of “Self-evolution, Public chain leading technological innovation”, the founder of Quantum Chain Shuai Chu said that the future Layer 2 will be more oriented to applications and to real needs. It may not be a certain technology that wins, but a fusion of multiple technologies, which ultimately achieves a real application requirement, such as the integration of other technologies of Lightning Network and Bitcoin, and it is very promising to implement Defi and smart contracts on the BTC network. , But this direction still needs to be explored. Speaking of sharding technology, he pointed out that after sharding, how to ensure the security of the underlying funds and the flexibility of applications in different shards are the most fundamental issues at the same time. Flexibility and scalability depend on local consensus, which often implies a compromise in security, while security is the foundation of all capital-related applications. Babbitt Note: Add WeChat btc_11 or scan the QR code on the poster below, reply "SK" to enter the group and talk face-to-face with the boss.