Zhou Xiaochuan: Promoting global digital currencies requires a global central bank-like institution

According to China Business News, the second "Asia-Europe Cooperation Dialogue" of the Boao Forum for Asia held in Chongqing recently held a special discussion on "Prospects and Challenges of Financial Globalization". In response to the international reserve currency, Zhou Xiaochuan, the vice chairman of the Boao Forum for Asia and the former president of the People's Bank of China, believes that there are issues such as monetary policy, financial stability, crisis management, and liquidity. The lack of a global discussion and coordination mechanism is a global and The current "missing points" of multilateralism. Regarding the digitized global currency that has been hotly debated recently, he said that the world is indeed facing an opportunity to promote global digital currencies such as eSDR (Electronic Special Drawing Right) and SHC (Synthetic Hegemonic Currency), but this requires a global similar currency. Institutions of the central bank.