EOS main network account number exceeded 1 million, account creation speed is obviously faster

According to DAppTotal.com data, on April 24th, the number of EOS main network accounts officially exceeded 1 million. In less than 20 days, from 900,000 to 1 million, compared with 700,000-800,000 and 36 days, the EOS main network account creation speed is obviously faster. DAppTotal data analysts found that EOS main network accounts have an average daily increase of 3,879 by monitoring EOS daily new users. However, on April 23 (yesterday), the number of new accounts increased to 26,100. The preliminary analysis reasons are as follows: 1. Account trx****start has started to create accounts madly since 15:12 on April 23, and has created more than 12,000 accounts so far, and it is still being created continuously; 2. Non-guess in recent period New resource-sharing DApps such as HashBaby and LoreFree attract a lot of fresh traffic.